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My interest in Computer Science was sparked during my A-Levels, where I was lucky enough to be at a Sixth Form that offered Computing as a subject. My teachers encouraged me to sit the scholarship exams for Aberystwyth University, which allowed me to come to Aberystwyth to study a BEng in Software Engineering. After a successful first year, I was given the opportunity to transfer to an Integrated Master's degree scheme.

I spent the 2016-2017 academic year on an industrial year with Aberystwyth University, in a web development and administration role. This has equipped me with real experience working in a professional web team, and really fuelled my passion for web development. As a result, I took on a Major Project with a large focus on the web, which I recently completed.

As part of my ongoing Master's year, I have taken part in a group project related to web development with scalability in mind, developing microservices using .NET Core as part of a team, and using continuous integration technology to push them to Docker containers.

I am currently looking for a permanent position in web development, and am really excited to continue my development in the field.

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