In Progress:

Sudoku Helper for Android

My aim for this project is to redevelop the Android application I created during my A-Levels from the ground up. This Android application was designed to take a user’s Sudoku puzzle inputted using a graphical interface and solve it. It would then, based upon the user’s input, either display the correct value for one tile, or the correct values for all of the tiles. The user at this point will still be able to edit the visible grid, and restart the search to test if that input can be correct and it is not in the currently held solution. This is in order to make sure the program will work with puzzles that have multiple potential solutions.

When I first developed this application the method for finding a solution to the puzzle was very rudimentary, but I am planning to use a method involving searching a state-space using depth-first search for the new version of the application. I am also planning on making the application more visually interesting, and will release it for download on the Google Play Store.

Assignment Manager for Desktop and Laptop Computers

The idea for this project originated from talking with one of my friends, she was struggling to organise her deadlines and wanted an application that would help her organise her various assignments and keep track of her progress. I created a rough specification with her, and noted the following requirements:

I have since spoke with her about it and have confirmed that she would like some other useful components such as setting an assignment as 'completed'. This application is initially being developed as a Java application for desktop and laptop computers, however once it is completed I may port it to Android as well and make it available on the Google Play Store.